Mix’n – Muddling Fresh Fruit for a Summer Cocktail: Raspberry Spritzer with felənē® vodka

muddling fresh fruit

Quick Tips on Muddling Fresh Fruit for Summer Cocktails

Muddling fresh fruit and herbs can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with a few quick tips. In this video Ashley and Lindsay demonstrate the simple art of muddling. Muddling fresh fruit is simple and adds an amazing burst of flavor to mixed drinks with little effort and preparation. Use this recipe or simply muddle some fresh fruit into your favorite mixed drink and watch it transform the experience.

For a tasty summer libation try muddling fresh fruit. These drinks are light, refreshing and don’t require a lot of ingredients and prep time. So if you want to elevate your at-home bar tending skills and serve up some memorable fun, invest a few dollars in a muddler.

Raspberry Spritzer with Lemon and Mint


12 ounce rocks


1 1/2 oz  felənē® American Handcrafted vodka

1 lemon wedge (to taste)

1/4-1/2 cup of fresh raspberries (to taste)

2-3 mint leaves

sparkling water

ice cubes


In your rocks glass add felənē® American Handcrafted vodka and raspberries. Muddle the mixture until berries are crushed. Squeeze lemon wedge into muddle mixture and discard spent lemon wedge. Add ice to glass and fill with sparkling water (use flavored sparkling water for a little added twist). Fold mint leaves and hold in open hand facing upwards and slap the mint several times to activate the leaves. Drop into glass and gently stir.

Need a muddler? Muddling fruit is easy and cheap. Williams Sonoma has one for under $4.00…it’s one of the best investment for your home bar.

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