American Handcrafted Vodka (40% alc/vol)
Kim Veiga Felene President
Kim Laderer-Veiga, President

Kim Laderer-Veiga is the President of Felene Inc. Kim is a single mom who had held a senior IT position for 17 years at market-data giant, NPD Group in Port Washington, New York until 2022 when the company was sold to rival Information Resources Group of Chicago. Earlier in her career, Kim also held information technology positions at Pall Corporation and IBM.

Kim’s story is a classic tale of true grit and incredible work ethic. Starting out as the Felene social media director in 2019 (while still holding a full-time job), Kim quickly assumed the added role of New York regional sales director in 2020. During a period of the pandemic when many retail and hospitality businesses were shut down, Kim managed to on-board dozens of strategic accounts. Within a year, Kim built a vibrant sales territory and the logistics infrastructure to support sales, distribution and continuity. After leaving her position at NPD in 2022, Kim was appointed company president and became a principle shareholder in the company.

Kim now oversees sales and logistics for the company’s operations in five states including: Florida, New York, Colorado, California and Texas.

tim kelly, felene vodka
Tim Kelly, Founder & Master Distiller

Tim is the founder and Master Distiller at Felene. He conceived and created the company during a cross-country adventure through the American Heartland in 2015. After visiting dozens of distilleries and hundreds of bars and restaurants, Tim discovered that while vodka was the most-consumed spirit in the U.S., most people really didn’t like the way it tasted. It was then that Tim set out to make a vodka that was actually pleasant to drink. Within months Felene Vodka was born. And along the way, Tim refined the process to make it from organic, nonGMO sugarcane. He also wanted to make Felene without the addition of sweeteners, citric acid or any other additives.

Tim has been a serial entrepreneur since leaving the corporate world where he spent 15 years running high-profile media brands. In the early 1990’s Tim was recruited by Mike Bloomberg at Bloomberg Financial Markets, where he created and ran the business operations of Bloomberg Personal Magazine and the multi-media team. Tim went on to co-produce The Nightly Business Report on PBS as Senior Vice President of Bridge Information Systems, now part of Thomson Reuters. Tim was the creator of in 2000, which is still operating and known as one of the top web sites for the global currency markets.

Eric Selhorn
Eric Selhorn, Chief Financial Officer

Eric Selhorn brings a wealth of expertise to the distillery industry, with almost 20 years of experience in accounting and finance, including six impactful years specifically within the distillery sector. Beginning his career at Deloitte, Eric earned his CPA, marking the start of a distinguished path that blends rigorous financial acumen with a deep passion for the distillery world.

A native of Long Island, New York, Eric’s educational journey led him to Boston College, where he graduated with concentrations in Accounting and Finance. Currently residing in Colorado, Eric embraces the outdoor lifestyle, finding balance and inspiration in hiking, running marathons, and competing in triathlons. This love for adventure and challenge mirrors his professional approach, where innovation, endurance, and strategic foresight are key.

Eric’s transition to the distillery industry was driven by a desire to apply his financial expertise to a field he is passionate about, underscoring the importance of sustainability, innovation, and craftsmanship in distilling. His contributions have not only enhanced the financial health of the organizations he’s been a part of but also fostered growth and excellence within the industry at large.