felene® Flavors – Flavored Vodka

American Handcrafted Vodka (40% alc/vol)

Introducing felene® Flavors – Flavored Vodka Redefined



felene® Flavors – Flavored Vodka, not sweetened!

Flavored vodka has a whole new look. At 80 proof, no artificial color and zero sugar, felene® Flavors are a clear departure from the sugary, low proof artificially-colored vodkas. felene® Flavors are flavored vodka, not sweetened vodka.

felene® Flavors are packed with flavor, not sugar. Made with only natural ingredients, our flavored expressions starts with our world-class, organic sugarcane vodka and flavored with pure, natural extracts. We don’t add any sugar, citric acid or other additives. The result is a true flavored spirit that enhances your cocktails in a way that the sugary, low-alcohol brands simply cannot match.

How Flavored Vodkas are Made

Flavored vodka offers a delightful variety to spirit enthusiasts, blending the clean taste of vodka with a range of aromatic and tasty infusions. Here are the three most popular methods used by professionals to flavor vodka:

A) Infusing with Flavors After Distillation: This technique involves steeping ingredients like fresh fruits, spices, or herbs in the vodka after it has been distilled. The process allows the natural oils and essences from the infusants to meld with the spirit, creating a deeply integrated flavor profile. This method is favored for its ability to preserve the fresh, vibrant characteristics of the flavoring agents.

B) Mixing with Botanicals, Fruit Zests, Herbs, or Other Natural Products Before Distillation: In this approach, the raw materials are added to the liquid before it undergoes distillation. The heat from the distillation process extracts complex flavors and essential oils from the botanicals, imparting a subtle, often more refined flavor to the vodka. This method is excellent for achieving a seamless integration of flavors, making it a popular choice for more nuanced vodka varieties.

C) Adding Flavored Extracts to the Final Product: This is perhaps the quickest way to flavor vodka, involving the addition of pre-made extracts or essences to the distilled vodka. This method allows for consistent and replicable flavors, ideal for large-scale production where uniformity is key. While it might lack the artisanal touch of the other methods, it provides efficiency and versatility in flavoring.


Blood Orange

We start with the finest imported Italian Tarocco variety of blood orange extract. Tarocco blood oranges are the sweetest of all the blood orange varieties and have a bright and balanced flavor with tangy notes of raspberry.

felene® Blood Orange is an ideal base for a a spectacular variation on a Moscow Mule, screwdriver, cape cod cocktail…or wherever your imagination takes you.



felene® Raspberry-Lemonade is a stunning splash of raspberry with the tartness of lemonade. Our Raspberry-Lemonade vodka is the perfect spring and summer mixer that will bring your iced tea or fresh lemonade to absolutely mouth-watering heights. For the martini lovers who want to add a bit of fruity refreshment to the party, a Raspberry-Lemonade vodka martini is a sublime elixir for spring and summer. It also, brings a cheerful spirit to any holiday occasion.



The coconut essence of felene® Coconut-lime is a one-of-a-kind experience. The subtle finish of lime will have you dreaming of a sun-drenched tropical beach. Mixed with pineapple juice or bitter orange, this is a must try cocktail.

The new felene® Flavors portfolio are a must for spring and summer entertaining. In addition to our straight vodka you will have and endless range of cocktail recipe options to offer your guests. The best part is that you control the amount of sugar by using the ingredients that you prefer without any added sugars from any of our felene® Flavors products. Just pure, honest, organic goodness from the Rocky Mountains.

Grab a bottle, or the whole portfolio and light-up your home bar with an incredible flavor cocktail experience.