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felənē® vodka
(March 24, 2020) - Good morning friends. As many of you know, I have been very outspoken about the need to get back to business...
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sugar vodka
Sugar Vodka: The Next Thing in Vodka
Sugar vodka is vodka made from cane sugar. More technically, sugar vodka is a method of creating a neutral spirit (vodka is classified as a...
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summer cocktail
Summer Cocktails – felənē® coconut vodka ‘Tropical’ Cocktail
Drink Recipes: Summer Cocktails It's never too soon to start tuning-up your summer cocktail game! In just a few weeks we'll be through March Madness...
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felənē Kalashnikoff
Shot of felənē® Kalashnikov: Russian Inspiration in Canada with American-made felənē vodka.
With just under two meters of snow blanketing the cabin in Haliburton, Ontario, this was a perfect time to experiment with a felənē® Kalashnikov, a...
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sugar-based vodka
Cane Sugar-based Vodka Simpler is Always Better
I find it somewhat odd speaking about sugar-based vodka. After all, all vodka is sugar-based. They don’t all start out that way, but to create...
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are all vodkas created equal
Truth About Vodka – Are All Vodkas Created Equal?
Are All Vodkas Created Equal? By law in the United States, technically all vodkas should be odorless, tasteless and colorless. In a sense, all vodkas...
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