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felənē® vodka is the original American Handcrafted Vodka made from organic, Non-GMO sugarcane.

Vodka smoothness speaks to more than just “mouth feel”.  It’s about the overall experience of vodka fermented with pure, organic sugarcane. It speaks to quality ingredients and meticulous processes. Sugarcane vodka ferments cleaner and purer than any other ingredients used to make vodka.

At felənē® we set out to make a  sugar cane vodka with a softer, more pleasant experience. We use pure, organic sugarcane to make felənē® vodka and the result is an uncommon smoothness that allows you to enjoy your favorite cocktails, mixed drinks and martinis without the unpleasant harshness. If you prefer your vodka neat, or on the rocks, felənē® is a one-of-a-kind experience.  felənē® contains no sugar and no carbs when we put it in the bottle. And it’s made from 100% organic ingredients.

No Citric Acid or additives. felənē® vodka is gluten-free, it is made from certified organic sugarcane; certified as Non-GMO and has zero carbs.  No artificial chemicals or enzymes, just honest, natural sugarcane. felənē® vodka… Criminally Smooth™. Discover why felənē® is changing the way people think about vodka.

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A Taste Beyond Expectation. An Experience Unmatched Anywhere.

Artfully fermented and distilled, felənē® American Handcrafted Sugar Cane Vodka is a cut above mass-produced wash.

4 times distilled and meticulously filtered; producing an experience that is Criminally Smooth™.

True to the art and principle of neutral spirits, felənē® vodka delivers a clean, crisp, honest experience that is immediately noticeable.

Gluten-free, made from non-GMO sugarcane and zero carbs.

American Quality
Dedication to purity and simplicity

felənē® vodka is a hand-crafted, American-made vodka using pure, non-GMO, organic sugarcane. Crafted in Denver Colorado, it is designed to be a simple, honest, premium quality spirit that can be enjoyed on it’s own or accompanied with a favorite mixer. Discover the wonder of sugarcane vodka.

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Instant Classic
A truly unique and satisfying experience

Taken from only the Hearts of the distilling run, there is no higher quality spirit in its class. Like all vodkas (that do not contain flavor additives) felənē® sugarcane vodka is gluten-free. 4 times distilled and carbon filtered…it’s Criminally Smooth™.

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