Our Story

American Handcrafted Vodka (40% alc/vol)

How We Came to be

felənē® vodka was conceived by the company founder, Tim Kelly while on a road trip through the American heartland with his dog, Brandy.

After visiting dozens of distilleries and speaking with hundreds of people, he was convinced there was a better way to make vodka.

Tim and Brandy

Tim and Brandy Volunteering at Kelly’s Heroes

Tim bought his first 16-gallon column still in 2016 and began experimenting with his own style of vodka. After years of testing and refining his recipe and process, felənē® vodka was born.

Tim’s journey through the American Midwest inspired him to find just the right place to make felənē® vodka. He searched for a place and people that reflected the values of what he created. Now, felənē® vodka is made in the old First Ward District in Buffalo, New York.

Buffalo’s Old First Ward was mostly inhabited by Irish immigrants who worked in large numbers building the Erie canal; and later settled here to work the grain barges along the First Ward’s Waterfront.

Today, the old First Ward District is an ethnically diverse working-class community, but still has a large and visible Irish population. One of the most visible signs of a continued Irish heritage presence is the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade (one of Western New York’s biggest) marches through the center of this area.

The history of the old First Ward is a story of hard labor and close-knit families and neighborhood ties.

Even through hard times, there was a closeness among families in the blue collar neighborhood, where neighbors helped neighbors, you never had to go far to find a meat market, bank or any kind of store and everybody belonged to a church parish. Many of those things that have made up the first ward have slipped away, but in recent years there’s been a renewed interest in the community. -(Buffalo Historian Mike Vogel)

Today, Buffalo’s Old First Ward is experiencing a renaissance, as it has become the epicenter of craft breweries and distilleries. It has become an area with one of the highest concentrations of craft distilleries in America. We are proud to be part of that revival.

felənē® vodka is a hand-crafted, American-made vodka using pure, non-GMO, fair-trade cane sugar. It is designed to be a simple, honest, premium quality spirit that can be enjoyed on it’s own or accompanied with a favorite mixer. Taken from only the Hearts of the distilling run, there is no higher quality spirit in its class.

Like all vodkas (that do not contain flavor additives) felənē® vodka is gluten-free.

4 times distilled and carbon filtered…it’s criminally smooth.