Our Story

American Handcrafted Vodka (40% alc/vol)

How We Came to be

felənē® vodka was conceived by the company founder, Tim Kelly while on a road trip through the American heartland.

After visiting dozens of distilleries and speaking with hundreds of people, he was convinced there was a better way to make vodka.

felene vodkaTim bought his first 16-gallon column still in 2016 and began experimenting with his own style of vodka. After years of testing and refining his recipe and process, felənē® vodka was born.

Tim’s journey through the American Midwest inspired him to find just the right place to make felənē® vodka. He searched for a place and people that reflected the values of what he created. felənē® vodka has now found its home in the Rockies in Denver, Colorado.

felənē® vodka is a hand-crafted, American-made vodka using pure, organic, non-GMO, sugar cane. It is designed to be a simple, honest, premium quality spirit that can be enjoyed on it’s own or accompanied with a favorite mixer. Taken from only the Hearts of the distilling run, there is no higher quality spirit in its class.

Like all vodkas (that do not contain flavor additives) felənē® vodka is gluten-free.

4 times distilled and carbon filtered…it’s criminally smooth.