“Felene Dragon” – Dragon fruit Cocktail

felene dragon fruit cocktail

Felene Dragon

Dragon Fruit Cocktail Recipe

The Felene Dragon fruit cocktail is named after the dragon fruit with its spiny “dragon-claw” appearance. But, despite its fierce and fiery name, it’s anything but. The dragon fruit has a subtle pear/kiwi taste and a texture closer to kiwi with the presence of the black, crunchy, oily seeds. Be sure to pick your dragon fruit ripe as this will enhance the flavor and sweetness. Look for fruit that is heavy for its size, ripe dragon fruit is packed with juice. Pick-up a few of the same size and choose the heaviest.

Dragon fruit has vitamins C and B. The flesh is a good source of fiber, but the seeds are where most of the good lives. Unlike some seeds that must be ground for your body to access the inner goodness, the natural bacteria in your gut can break down the fibrous shell of dragon fruit seeds and unlock their prebiotic benefits.


Martini or coupe


1 dragon fruit for drink and garnish

2 1/2 oz felənē® vodka

1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lime juice

1 teaspoon white sugar

3 cubes ice

2 oz coconut milk


Mix ingredients in a blender and puree for twenty seconds, pour into a large martini or coupe glass and garnish with fruit and lime peel. Serve dragon fruit cocktail immediately.

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