Veso Eclipse Aperitifs

Veso, an American aperitif company, today announced the launch of Eclipse, a new experimental development arm for their aperitifs.

The first two flavor varieties to launch within the Eclipse portfolio will be Alpine and Bitter Citrus. 

Alpine is inspired by London dry gin. Juniper and its characteristic “pine-iness” play a starring role throughout, the company says, with a supporting cast of fennel and coriander, notes of citrus and a hint of pepper that lingers.

For Bitter Citrus, the goal was a traditional European amari, while staying true to the wine aperitif form and using California ingredients, the company says. This release has bitter and citrus flavors, balanced by the sweetness of the wine and a hint of cane sugar.

“Alpine and Citrus are really just the beginning of so much more to come from Eclipse,” says Chris Beyer, Founder and CEO of Veso. “We intend to roll out many innovative products throughout time, with the goal to release new flavors on a rolling, recurring basis, and iterate upon the most popular flavors, which will then become flagship staples within the wider Veso portfolio, all of which being driven by customer and trade feedback. Our goal is to cultivate and grow a community of organic brand advocates that will help take Veso to the next level in the years ahead.”

Priced at $39 per bottle, these limited quantity offerings with only 300 initial bottles produced of each flavor will be available direct to consumer in the following states: California, New York, Florida, Oregon and Washington, DC, with additional presence across select bars, restaurants and retailers across California. The post Veso Eclipse Aperitifs first appeared on Beverage Dynamics.
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Author: Kyle Swartz