Shiner Rode0 Golden Brew Nonalcoholic Beer

The independent makers of Shiner Bock have introduced the brewery’s first-ever non-alcoholic series, Shiner Rode0, beginning with the launch of Rode0 Golden Brew.

Rode0 Golden brew hits shelves in time for Dry January, marking a new chapter for the brewery. The Rode0 line will expand in 2024 with two other non-alcoholic brews — a red amber and citrus-flavored wheat brew — as well as a Rode0 variety pack.

Shiner Rode0 Golden Brew is a zero proof beer with an ABV of less than 0.5 percent. Styled after a classic American lager, this light brew has crisp and malty notes balanced by esters and a hop profile, the brewery reports.

“Fans of Shiner have consistently requested non-alcoholic options to complement our more traditional beers,” says Tom Fiorenzi, Director of Brewery & Distillery Operations. “We’re proud to introduce the first of three non-alcoholic brews to our fans. Brewed using the same method as our iconic Shiner beers, the Shiner Rode0 line is authentically Shiner, without the addition of alcohol.”

The introduction of this new non-alcoholic line is the latest move from the ever-evolving Shiner brand. Other recent innovations include Shiner’s TexHex IPA line brewed with cactus water, and a craft spirits distillery with tours and tastings now open to the public.
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Author: Kyle Swartz