Ezra Brooks, Rebel 100 Add 1.75-L Bottles

Lux Row Distillers, the Bardstown, KY company behind the Ezra Brooks, Rebel, Daviess County, David Nicholson and Blood Oath bourbon brands, has added two SKUs to its retail offerings.

Beginning in June, the distillery’s Ezra Brooks 99 and Rebel 100 brands roll out in new 1.75-L bottles at a suggested retail price of $44.99 and $35.99, respectively.

Introduced in early 2021, Ezra Brooks 99 is a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey bottled at 99 proof. Charcoal filtered, Ezra Brooks 99 has the same spicy, high-rye mash bill as the original Ezra Brooks, but with an enhanced flavor profile delivered by the higher proof, the company says.

Rebel 100, launched in 2019, is a wheated bourbon with the same round body and full flavor of the original Rebel Bourbon, but takes it a step further by dialing up the proof to 100, the company says.

“Since their respective launches in 2019 and 2021, Rebel 100 and Ezra Brooks 99 have been very popular with our customers,” says Eric Winter, whiskey brand manager for Lux Row Distillers. “Our decision to include both brands in 1.75L bottles is a reflection of their continued popularity, as well as our ongoing effort to give our customers what they are looking for.”

“Over the years Luxco has innovated within the whiskey category to keep up with the demands of the changing consumer by introducing more unique premium offerings,” adds Luxco VP of Marketing Fletcher Buchman. “Over the past five to seven years, the demand for — and growth of — the premium and super-premium bourbon categories continue to grow, and we are prepared to grow along with it.”

This follows the recent release from Lux Row Distillers of Blood Oath Pact 8.The post Ezra Brooks, Rebel 100 Add 1.75-L Bottles first appeared on Beverage Dynamics.
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Author: Kyle Swartz