Clean Liquor Company moves into RTDs

The Clean Liquor Company has entered the ready-to-drink (RTD) category with the launch of two 0.5% ABV cans.

Low-alcohol producer The Clean Liquor Company, founded by former Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews, has released Clean Gin & Tonic and Clean Rum & Cola RTDs.

Both Clean Gin & Tonic and Clean Rum & Cola carry an ABV of 0.5% and contain no added sugar. Clean Gin & Tonic contains 57 calories, while Clean Rum & Cola contains 62 calories.

The Clean Liquor Company released its first product, called Clean Gin, in November last year. Clean Gin has been bottled at 1.2% ABV and is described as an “ultra-low” alcohol replacement to gin, with only two calories per 25ml serving. The Clean Liquor Company also released a 1.2% ABV ‘rum’ earlier this year.

The new RTDs have launched to provide drinkers a simple and convenient serve without the hangover.

Clean Gin & Tonic is made using the producer’s low-alcohol ‘spirit’ and distilled in copper stills. It is a blend of botanicals such as juniper, grapefruit, cardamom, mint, ginger and cinnamon.

Meanwhile, Clean Rum & Cola is made using traditional Jamaican rum techniques and retains a spiced flavour. The product offers hints of caramel and cayenne pepper.

Justin Hicklin, chairman at The Clean Liquor Company, said: “At Clean Co our ambition is to ensure all drinkers are aware that they have a choice when it comes to drinking high or low-strength alcohol.

“We’re committed to democratising what’s been known as a confusing category for consumers – allowing people to enjoy properly distilled and expertly created drinks without a high ABV. It’s clear to us and to our loyal customers, who understand, that choice is key and our new canned cocktail range delivers exactly that.”

Both Clean Gin & Tonic and Clean Rum & Cola is priced at RRP £1.80 (US$2.30) per 250ml can. The products are available exclusively in Holland & Barrett stores across the UK.

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