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(March 24, 2020) – Good morning friends. As many of you know, I have been very outspoken about the need to get back to business in America. However, it is with a heavy heart and profound sense of sorrow that we acknowledge all those affected by the COVID-19 virus.

We also are aware that the danger has not fully passed and acknowledge the necessity of caution as we send our workers (voluntarily) back to their jobs. We also acknowledge that many are still struggling with the effects of the COVID-19 virus. We pray for your speedy recovery and for your return to your life as you intend it to be.

We are in constant contact with our vendors and supervisors regarding safe processes and policies regarding the COVID-19 virus and proper protocols are being strictly observed in our processing and packaging facilities. We are also consulting local health and government agencies regarding worker protocols and have been given the ‘green light’ to proceed. It is our collective opinion as a team to forge ahead!

It is with a sense of renewal and the spirit of the ‘season of renewal’ that we at felənē® vodka are ramping-up our production process and will get our people and vendors working again just after the initial “social-distancing” phase has ended next Monday. Those workers who choose not to return at that time will do so without fear of losing their jobs.

During the past few weeks we have continued to make purchases from our vendors while respecting the guidance of medical and government leaders. In the States where we operate we have been deemed essential services, so we are anxious to continue to make our presence a positive one for the economy, our employees and for our customers.

We wish to thank you all for your continued support. We too have families, fears and hopes for what lies ahead. We intend to be the principle agents of achieving our hopes and vanquishing our fears as we encourage you all to do the same. The felənē® vodka family wish to extend our most sincere wishes for health, strength and recovery within your households and communities.

Tim Kelly, Founder
felənē® vodka

Timothy Kelly

Tim is the Founder & Master Distiller at Felene. He developed his passion for the spirits and hospitality business while growing-up and working in his family's restaurant and liquor store business. Tim’s passion for the epicurean lifestyle has found it’s latest manifestation in the Felene Distillery. Tim is a 5-time Gold Medal Award winning Distiller. He has won a Platinum medal at the Prestigious Los Angeles Spirits Awards and his signature vodka was named Best-in-Category by the American Distilling Institute. Mr. Kelly is also a prolific author and writer and his blog is filled with ideas, discoveries, observations and recommendations to help his readers enjoy life’s simple epicurean pleasures.

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