Felene American Handcrafted Vodka: Colorado Vodka of the Year 2024

New York's favorite vodka

New York International Spirits Competition: Colorado Vodka of the Year 2024

Felene American Vodka has been named Colorado Vodka of the Year by the prestigious New York International Spirits Competition (NYISC). This recognition also includes a Gold Medal, with Felene scoring an impressive 95 points. These awards now place Felene Vodka among the most awarded American vodkas on the international stage. Thus, Felene joins the ranks of legendary brands in the vodka industry.

Understanding the NYISC and Its Global Significance

Colorado's Vodka of the Year 2024

The New York International Spirits Competition, established in 2010, is renowned globally. It stands out due to its unique judging process, where all judges are industry buyers. This ensures that awards reflect market trends and consumer preferences. Therefore, receiving an award from the NYISC signifies a brand’s quality and market relevance.

The competition draws entries from around the world. In 2024, over 1,400 entries came from more than 30 countries. This global participation underscores the competition’s prestige and the high standards maintained.

Felene Vodka: A Rising Star

Ironically, Felene Vodka’s journey began in New York. Shortly after it’s creation, the distillery was relocated to Colorado to immerse itself in the natural wonders of the Colorado Rockies. Winning at this level with the intense level of competition in New York also speaks volumes about New York’s favorite vodka in 2024. From the start, Felene aimed to produce a vodka of exceptional quality. Winning the Colorado Vodka of the Year and a Gold Medal at the NYISC validates this commitment.

Felene's Tim Kelly and Kim Veiga in Glen Cove, New York.
Felene’s Tim Kelly and Kim Laderer-Veiga

Kim Laderer-Veiga, President of Felene, remarked, “The whole team at Felene deserves a lot of credit. Of course, we are humbled by the International recognition and very grateful for the local support from our retail partners and customers.” This acknowledgment highlights the collaborative effort behind Felene’s success.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

In March 2024, Felene Vodka received organic certification from the Colorado Department of Agriculture. This certification marks a significant milestone for the brand. Tim Kelly, Felene’s Master Distiller and Founder, expressed, “Colorado gave us everything we needed to succeed. We came to Colorado because of the pristine environment. In a lot of ways, this is an award for Colorado itself. We are humbled and proud to be good stewards of this gift.”

Felene Vodka’s commitment to sustainability and quality has been a driving force. The brand uses organic sugarcane, ensuring a clean fermentation process. This dedication results in a vodka free from additives and gluten, appealing to a wide range of consumers.

Awards and Recognition

Vodka Excellence

Felene Vodka has amassed numerous awards over the years. The latest accolades from the NYISC add to an already impressive list. These awards solidify Felene’s status as a top-tier vodka. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire Felene team.

Felene’s achievements also reflect the brand’s innovative approach. The use of organic ingredients and sustainable practices sets Felene apart. Consumers increasingly seek products that align with these values. Felene’s success in the NYISC demonstrates that quality and sustainability can go hand in hand.

Colorado's favorite vodka cocktails

Local Support and Community Impact

The support from local retail partners and customers has been crucial. Felene’s success story is also a story of community support. Kim Laderer-Veiga emphasized, “We are humbled by the local support from our retail partners and customers. It’s so exciting to be recognized on the global stage, but the first thing we did as a team was to express our gratitude for all the local retailers we work with.”

Felene’s commitment to the local community extends beyond product quality. The brand actively supports local initiatives and contributes to the local economy. This community-focused approach has endeared Felene to many.

Felene team supporting local liquor stores

The awards are great, we are so thankful for the recognition and honestly we all get a thrill from it. But the biggest thrill the team gets is from going out to our local retailers every week, in every state and greeting customers. There is nothing that compares to sharing stories, listening to ideas for entertaining and just enjoying the company of the communities we serve and our supporters.

Tim Kelly, felene Master Distiller & Founder

Felene Vodka: A Symbol of Excellence

Felene Vodka’s recognition as Colorado Vodka of the Year is a significant achievement. It places the brand among the elite in the vodka industry. This achievement is a result of relentless dedication and hard work.

Tim Kelly’s vision for Felene has always been clear. “We wanted to create a vodka that stands out for its quality and purity,” he said. This vision has now been realized, with Felene receiving accolades from many of the most respected spirits competitions in the world.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Felene Vodka aims to continue its trajectory of success. The brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability will remain central. Additionally, Felene plans to expand its reach, bringing its award-winning vodka to more consumers.

The recent awards from the NYISC will undoubtedly boost Felene’s profile. This recognition opens new opportunities for growth and expansion. The Felene team remains dedicated to maintaining the high standards that have brought them this far.

The Big Takeaway

Felene Vodka’s recognition as Colorado Vodka of the Year by the NYISC is a monumental achievement. The Gold Medal and 95 points underscore the brand’s excellence. This recognition places Felene among the most awarded American vodkas on the international stage.

The NYISC’s prestige adds significant weight to these accolades. Felene’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and community support has been central to its success. The brand’s future looks bright, with new opportunities on the horizon.

As Felene Vodka continues to grow, its core values will remain unchanged. The brand’s success serves as an inspiration, showing that quality and sustainability can lead to international recognition. Felene Vodka has truly earned its place among the elite in the vodka industry.

Felene Vodka’s story is far from over. The recent awards mark just the beginning of a new chapter. The Felene team is ready to embrace the future with the same passion and dedication that have brought them this far.

Thank you for supporting Felene Vodka. We look forward to sharing more milestones and achievements with you in the future.

Timothy Kelly

Tim is the Founder & Master Distiller at Felene. He developed his passion for the spirits and hospitality business while growing-up and working in his family's restaurant and liquor store business. Tim’s passion for the epicurean lifestyle has found it’s latest manifestation in the Felene Distillery. Tim is a 5-time Gold Medal Award winning Distiller. He has won a Platinum medal at the Prestigious Los Angeles Spirits Awards and his signature vodka was named Best-in-Category by the American Distilling Institute. Mr. Kelly is also a prolific author and writer and his blog is filled with ideas, discoveries, observations and recommendations to help his readers enjoy life’s simple epicurean pleasures.

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