Procera Gin Green Dot 2023 Vintage

African-made Procera Gin continues its focus on the terroir of Africa with the release of its Green Dot 2023 Vintage.

Like others in the Procera portfolio, Green Dot is produced with equatorial juniper berries. However, Procera Green Dot 2023 Vintage is made only from the berries, foliage and wood of a single tree.

Each year during the harvest, the berries are brought to the distillery, and the region providing the best-tasting berries is judged to be the best, the company says. For the 2023 harvest, the best-tasting berries were found in Narok county, located at 0°51’27.0″S 36°01’16.0″E.

“Dried berries may be fine for other gins, but we are driven by a love of freshness and a respect for the complex flavors that only the ripest berries can provide. The use of fresh juniper turns Procera into a terroir spirit,” explains cofounder Guy Brennan. “The 2023 Vintage of GreenDot is crafted from a single tree to create distinctive and balanced notes with a creamy and buttery palate. This is undoubtedly the best gin we’ve ever created.”

Founded in 2018, Procera Gins are made from a sugar cane base and get their flavor (and name) from Juniperus Procera — a juniper variety that is indigenous to the highlands of Kenya.

This limited-edition gin comes in a hand-blown bottle made from 100% recycled glass. Each is individually numbered and features a Juniperus Procera wood stopper. It is enclosed in a hand-carved Kenyan coconut wood box with natural sisal fiber.

Procera Gin Green Dot 2023 Vintage is 94 proof. The suggested retail price is $179 per 750-ml. bottle. Only 2,023 bottles are available globally, with 672 in the U.S.
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Author: Kyle Swartz