Wrecking Coast launches Muscovado Silver Spirit

Cornwall’s Wrecking Coast Distillery has created a spirit using muscovado sugar, described as the first of its kind in the UK.

The Wrecking Coast Distillery’s Muscovado Silver Spirit is made from muscovado sugar which is mixed with Cornish spring water.

Under EU regulations, a product can only be labelled ‘rum’ if it is made solely from molasses or sugarcane juice or syrup.

Avian Sandercock, co-founder and head distiller, said: “We were clear about the flavour profile we were looking for in our first rum, so to achieve this we needed muscovado sugar as the base ingredient.

“Under EU directives, rum must be made solely from molasses so we make it clear this spirit is made from muscovado sugar. To us, it presents many of the classic rum flavour aspects as well as the grassier notes found in agricole rums made directly from sugarcane juice.”

To create the spirit, a syrup is created by combining the muscovado sugar and water, which is warmed to an exact temperature and combined with yeast. The mixture then ferments for five days.

After fermentation, the site uses a single distillation to bring the spirit to around 70% ABV. The spirit matures for more than nine months and is bottled at 57% ABV.

On the nose, the expression has notes of salted apricot, green apple, pear drops and tropical fruits such as pineapple and mango. The palate offers a “fresh, grassy and earthy sugarcane flavour, akin to a young agricole”.

There are only 466 bottles available in the first batch, priced at £46.95 (US$61.20) per 700ml bottle.

In July last year, Wrecking Coast Distillery created a new gin distilled with apple juice for Tom Brown’s London restaurant Cornerstone.

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