A-OK Liquors, Boulder Colorado

A-OK Liquors Boulder

A-OK Liquors is more than OK.

A-OK Liquors is a well-appointed wine, beer and spirits shop that is stocked with very reasonably-priced merchandise. Alex, the owner is one of the most pleasant, knowledgeable and friendly people in the business.

A-OK Liquors is one of the Boulder favorites and the glowing reviews prove that. The store is known for great prices, very helpful and friendly staff, wide selection of beer, wines, hard seltzers, spirits and is notoriously clean. Check out some of the testimonials on the A-OK Liquors web site and see what all the buzz is about. And the best part…Alex is the first store in Boulder to carry felənē® vodka! Many thanks to Alex and we are looking forward to a long and rewarding relationship together.

What could be better than being in Boulder, Colorado? Of course it’s being in Boulder, Colorado and enjoying some felənē® vodka and Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha! The felənē® vodka team strongly recommends Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha. Rowdy Mermaid is made in Boulder and is an excellent mixing companion to felənē® vodka. The smoothness of felənē® vodka allows the most subtle mixers to come through without excessive sweeteners and mixing ingredients. Check out some more drink recipes from the felənē®vodka team. and drop us a line and tell us your favorite way to enjoy felənē® vodka.

Next time you’re in Boulder, grab yourself some Rowdy Mermaid, head over to A-OK Liquors for a bottle of felənē® vodka and just let Boulder take over. It’s as simple as that. As always, we urge everyone to enjoy felənē® vodka responsibly and in moderation…and we know we don’t drink and drive. So enjoy and stay safe all…


Recent Reviews of A-OK Liquors:

“They have the essentials and they’re not crazy overpriced.”

“Nice people. Nice place. They actually have peppermint schnapps on ice.”

“Good store with a lot of options and friendly people.”

A-OK Liquors, Boulder Colorado
2690 28th St
Unit A
Boulder Colorado 80301
United States