Simone Caporale unveils non-alcoholic ‘spirit’ Zeo

Renowned bartender Simone Caporale has co-created a new non-alcoholic ‘spirit’ brand, called Zeo.

Available in two variants, Zeo was designed to offer an alternative to alcohol that imitates its flavour and mouthfeel. The zero-ABV expression was created by an independent startup in collaboration with Caporale, who joined the Zeo team in 2017 to work on the development of the product.

Zeo launches in the UK this month with two expressions – Botanical Dry and Spiced Oak.

Zeo Botanical Dry is colourless and made with nine botanicals. It is recommended served with tonic water and a slice of lemon, or in cocktails such as a Collins or Martini.

Meanwhile, amber-coloured Spiced Oak is made with eight botanicals and can be consumed neat over ice, with a splash of cola, or in cocktails such as an Old Fashioned.

The three-year development process saw Caporale and the Zeo team work with production experts and leading bartenders to research ingredients and techniques.

The five-step production process of Zeo includes the traceable sourcing of natural botanicals, cold brew infusion, vapour infusion distillation, sequential blending of distillates and infusions, and complex diffusion.

Zeo Botanical Dry is priced at RRP £18 (US$24) per 500ml or £25 (US$33) per 700ml. Spiced Oak has an RRP of £20 (US$26) per 500ml or £27 (US$36) per 700ml bottle.

Last year, Caporale and bartenders Monica Berg and Alex Kratena, teamed up with Dutch firm De Kuyper to create the Muyu range of liqueurs.

Caporale, who formerly worked at London’s Artesian with Kratena, is due to open a bar called Sips in Barcelona with business partner Marc Alvarez.

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