Shot of felənē® Kalashnikov: Russian Inspiration in Canada with American-made felənē vodka.

felənē Kalashnikoff

With just under two meters of snow blanketing the cabin in Haliburton, Ontario, this was a perfect time to experiment with a felənē® Kalashnikov, a shot of chilled felənē® vodka chased with a wedge of lemon dredged in instant coffee crystals and white cane sugar. This obviously is a Canadian variation of the original (made with absinthe and cinnamon), but well worth a try.

About 250 kilometers north of Toronto is Haliburton County, Ontario. The town is a smattering of lakeside tourist cottages and myriad local artist galleries surrounding some of the most picturesque landscapes on the planet.

Outside the small town centers are sprawling forests, rolling hills and cattle ranch lands. Take away the pines and you are in the northern equivalent of the Texas ranch country of Elgin. One thing that distinguishes this view from Texas are the seemingly endless network of streams, lakes and rivers…and several meters of snow blanketing the vista as far as the eye can see.

Also, the presence of Moose, several species of wolves, bear, white-tailed deer, fox, beaver, walleye, norther pike sturgeon and trout let’s one know you’re not in Texas. But most of all the pines forests and snow is a dead giveaway.

The landscape rises as one heads north towards the Algonquin Provincial Park. Further north is the vast La Venendrye Wildlife Preserve
 in Québec, Canada spanning 12,589 kilometers with over 4,000 lakes, streams and reservoirs.

While up at the cottage in Haliburton,the weather has a tendency to force your company to shelter in place for extended periods. Snowmobiles are the prefered mode of transportation and can outnumber other road vehicles at times.

But most of all one remembers the ice fishing shelters and the residents walking on the frozen Grass Lake. A unique place and a unique libation celebrating with new and old friends with felənē vodka and the felənē® Kalashnikov.

Grass Lake, Haliburton, Ontario

Heading out of town, Ryan’s Chip Truck, officially Ryan’s Charbroiled Burgers and Pizza, in Kawartha Lakes is a must visit. Ryan’s is Food Truck burgers and chips (french fries for half the English-speaking world) that should not be missed.

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