Online course highlights history of pisco

Peruvian brand Piscología has created a virtual course on the history and production of pisco to educate distributors and industry professionals.

Launched this month by pisco maker Piscología, the virtual course offers users training, testing, online activities and a final certificate for completing the modules.

Meg McFarland, founder of the Pisco Certificate Course, said: “This course compiles years of research about pisco and presents information in English for the worldwide community. The material goes way beyond basic knowledge; learners are exposed to the clear Peruvian brandy in real-life settings. They can even interact with peers with a similar interest in the versatile spirit.”

Created and maintained by Piscología and its partners, the programme explores the subject of Peruvian pisco from historical and cultural perspectives.

Participants will undertake 29 lessons as part of the course, split between eight units including What is Pisco, Grapes & Tasting, Pisco Production and Cocktails.

After completing each module, users will be tested through quizzes and polls, before a final exam at the end of the course.

McFarland added: “This certificate programme is a logical extension of the educational outreach we have implemented with Piscología. We hope to educate others about the uniqueness and quality of the clear brandy and carve out a space for pisco as its own spirits category. We are thrilled to offer this information to the spirits sector and beyond.”

Priced at US$60, the course is free to access for distributors of Piscología. Discounts are also available for industry workers affected by Covid-19.

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Author: Owen Bellwood

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