Olde Raleigh to open North Carolina distillery

American whiskey maker Olde Raleigh will open a new distillery in North Carolina this autumn as it seeks to establish the region as a “new destination for Bourbon”.

Olde Raleigh Distillery will open in Zebulon, North Carolina, in a 10,400-square-foot building that will house a tasting room and bar, production area, storage facilities and a large event space.

Proprietor, master blender and distiller, Brandon McCraney, said: “This has been a dream for a long time and I’m so proud my kids are seeing their dad grinding every day, pursuing his passion.

“Every aspect of the spirits, bottles and distillery has been thoughtfully designed down to the smallest hidden intricacies. That attention to detail combined with an admiration for and focus on the art and history of blending spirits is really what sets us apart. Everything we do is with purpose to create the best flavours and experiences for our guests.”

As the opening of Old Raleigh Distillery nears, the producer has also revealed details of its signature blended Bourbon, which will comprise Bourbon sourced from across the US. The blend will incorporate different grains “to create a complex and distinctive flavour profile” and will be sold in a decanter-style glass bottle.

Olde Raleigh Distillery is also planning to release a variety of cask-finished limited release whiskeys, the Century Club vodka and gin range, and a homemade “heirloom” Bourbon.

The distillery will commence production at the site later this year and aims to “take some of the spotlight away from Kentucky”.

McCraney added: “I cannot wait to show that distinctive, delicious Bourbon doesn’t have to come from Kentucky; soon enough, it will be found right here.”

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Author: Owen Bellwood

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