Martell recruits global artists for gift collection

Pernod Ricard-owned Martell Cognac has partnered with three creatives from around the world to develop a trio of limited edition products.

Martell collaborated with American rapper Quavo, Chinese fashion designer Angel Chen and French artist Pierre Marie to create the gifting collection, which is available to purchase now.

The collection includes limited edition bottlings of Martell Blue Swift, Martell Noblige and Martell Cordon Bleu, which were each selected by the creatives as they aligned with ‘their personal creative vision’.

Quavo designed a limited edition gift box for Martell Blue Swift, a Cognac-based spirit drink finished in Kentucky Bourbon casks. The rapper, who is a longstanding ambassador of Martell, designed the gift pack to include symbols of hip-hop culture, which come to life when scanned with a smartphone.

The pack includes a bottle of Martell Blue Swift and two engraved tumblers.

Quavo said: “Martell and I go back a long way. I’m part of the Martell family. This design was inspired by a journey I made to visit Martell in Cognac and my impressions of that experience.”

The French producer and fashion designer Chen mixed traditional Chinese motifs with modern Western aesthetics in a limited edition Martell Noblige bottling.

“For me, Maison Martell is built on tradition, but also open to the vitality of the contemporary world. This energy is at the core of my inspiration,” she said.

The design covers the Noblige bottle in red, yellow and blue colours, and is said to represent the first shipments of Martell Cognac to China 1858, as well as the encounter of east and west.

Finally, French artist Marie created two bottle designs for Martell Cordon Bleu, which are both accompanied by a specially composed poem.

Marie said: “When I visited Maison Martell in Cognac, I was fascinated to discover the archives, and in particular the illustrated posters which were used in advertising campaigns. They were the inspiration for the poetic, narrative style of my designs for Martell Cordon Bleu.”

The first is entitled The Vine and the Oak and features illustrations of leaves and shoots in shades of red and gold. The second, called The Epic Voyage, is exclusive to global travel retail and aims to illustrate the journey of Cognac around the world with motifs of ships, trains and hot air balloons.

The Martell Exclusives gifting collection is available to purchase from leading retailers.

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