Smoke Jumper Bourbon

Skunk Brothers Spirits has released Smoke Jumper Bourbon, named for the firefighters who parachute into the center of wildland fires to fight these flames at the source.  

Skunk Brothers CEO Scott Donoho has been active in the USAF, U.S. Air National Guard and as a State of Oregon Fire Fighter for a combined 23 years. Located in Washington State’s Columbia Gorge, Skunk Brothers is a disabled veteran-owned distillery.

Smoke Jumper is a sweet and smoky bourbon, the company says, made with Washington-grown corn, malted barley, white wheat a little bit of rye and some peated malt imported from the United Kingdom. The spirit is all made in-house, where the mash is fermented and distilled in a 300-gallon reflux column still, then sits low and slow in a 100-gallon all copper pot still. Once the spirit is smooth and ready to age, it goes through an accelerated aging process in a barrel, the company says, aging in new for 24 hours.

This 90-proof bourbon is available in a 750-ml bottle for a suggested retail price of $39.95. The post Smoke Jumper Bourbon first appeared on Beverage Dynamics.
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Author: Kyle Swartz