Saint James creates vintage rum series

Rum brand Saint James has released two vintage bottlings as the first expressions in its new Les Éphémères collection.

The new Les Éphémères range comprises of four vintages that pay tribute to the birth of Saint James rum in 1765. The collection was created by Saint James cellar master Marc Sassier.

The first expressions in the range are Brut de Fût 2001, Number 1 (55.2% ABV) and Brut de Fût 2007, Number 7 (54.3% ABV), with two additional rums to be released next year.

Brut de Fût 2001 was unveiled during the Bordeaux Rhum Festival in France at the end of June.

The 19-year-old bottling is said to have notes of walnut and macerated plum, and a finish of dried fruits that lead to ‘roasted and spicy nuances’.

Meanwhile, the 2007 vintage expression made its debut at the Whisky Live Paris show from 24-26 September 2022.

After being aged for 15 years, the liquid is said to have an aroma of varnished cigar box, with the old wood bringing spicy notes of dried fruits. The finish carries a nutty flavour with candied fruits, said to be reminiscent of an old brandy.

The rums come in a new all-black bottle with a wax stopper marked with the date 1765.

The brand said the black bottle was chosen to emphasise the use of soft filtration at room temperature, which guarantees preserved flavours.

Produced in Martinique, Saint James is owned by French spirits group La Martiniquaise-Bardinet.

In February last year, the brand released a VSOP agricole rum.

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