Patrón: bartender diversity key to Tequila education

Highlighting bartenders from a wide range of backgrounds, capabilities and experience levels will be key to Patrón Tequila’s education strategy, said Lauren Mote.

Mote was appointed global director on-trade excellence for Patrón Tequila in 2022. Mote has worked in the drinks industry for more than two decades, and joined the Bacardi-owned Tequila brand after working as Diageo’s global cocktailian.

As Tequila continues to grow in popularity – the agave-based spirit overtook American whiskey sales in the US last year, IWSR Drinks Market Analysis revealed – Mote said education will be a “primary focus” for Patrón.

“Academia Patrón is a multi-channel ecosystem we’ve enhanced over the past year,” Mote told The Spirits Business. “It will continue to grow with the contribution of many incredible on-trade experts, new layers of education and topics, with an extensive group of voices from all regions.

“We know the value of our bartending community and their needs regarding education within and beyond the Tequila category.

“The partnership with Speed Rack, the all-women+ charitable bartending competition founded and run by Lynette Marrero and Ivy Mix, exemplifies the ethos behind the work we’re implementing – highlighting bartenders from a wide range of backgrounds, capabilities and experience levels.

“The on-trade sector is diverse; at Patrón we want to seize every opportunity to connect with the incredible people that form its beating heart and champion them. Our commitment to fulfilling the bar community’s desire for growth and opportunities and sharing the authentic culture of Mexico has never been more vivid.”

Further details about Patrón’s educational efforts and mentoring programme will be revealed towards the end of this month, Mote added.

‘Outstanding craftsmanship’

Mote also credited the bartending community for its work in transforming Tequila’s image from “misconceptions of Tequila being a cheap, party spirit”, and taking the category into a “new, exciting era of discovery”.

“In addition, the outstanding craftsmanship and heritage that producers have poured into the Tequila category have turned heads like Scotch and Cognac have done in years past,” Mote added.

“Patrón Tequila and its commitment to exporting the authentic spirit of Mexico through the combination of best-in-class advocacy and education for the bartending community are helping to shape the Tequila category for several years ahead.

“Since the brand’s inception, Patrón is one of the few Tequila brands that has remained dedicated to a traditional, handcrafted production process. Our master distiller, David Rodriguez, along with his talented team of distilling artisans, handcraft Patrón Tequila in the very best way, using the highest-quality natural ingredients and mixing innovative production methods with ancestral ones such as the tahona wheel.

“A time-honoured process, our commitment to being the leading producer of tahona-based Tequila has been further exemplified by our latest release, Patrón El Alto.

“All this dedication and care is something our community of bartenders can appreciate first-hand when they visit Hacienda Patrón – we can see how the learnings they get from touring the distillery and meeting the team have a positive impact on the work they do in their outlets back home.”

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Author: Melita Kiely