Naud Distillery debuts 12YO rum

France-based Naud Distillery has partnered with Venezuela’s Destilería Sofa to release a 12-year-old rum.

The new Ron Venezuela 12 Year Old rum was matured for approximately six months in French oak casks in the Naud Family cellars. It was bottled at 41% ABV.

The sugarcane used to make the rum was cultivated on ‘some of the most fertile lands’ in Venezuela, not far from Caracas. The sugarcane was harvested from November to February.

Naud said the hot and humid daytime and cool and dry nights provided an ‘ideal climate’ for ageing rum in the French oak barrels. The angel’s share ­– the amount of liquid that evaporates into the air from the cask ­– sits between 14% and 18% every year.

The resulting liquid offers notes of patisserie caramel, muscovado sugar, coconut, cedarwood and oak on the nose.

The palate is ‘silky and structured’, bringing flavours of patisserie, coffee beans and fig jam. The finish offers soft spices of cinnamon and nutmeg, and vanilla from the extra ageing in the French oak.

Naud Distillery was founded by liqueur maker Emile Perrier.

Naud Distillery took home a Gold medal for its VS Cognac in this year’s Cognac Masters blind-tasting competition. The brand’s VSOP Cognac also received a Silver medal.

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