Lot No. 40 Dark Oak Whisky

Lot No. 40 whisky, produced at Hiram-Walker Distillery in Windsor, Canada, has released its second product in the U.S. market: Lot No. 40 Dark Oak.

This is intended as a bigger, bolder version of the original Lot No. 40 release, the company says.

Like its predecessor, Dark Oak is a 100% rye grain whisky, distilled in a pot still. But this new release is presented at a higher proof (96 proof), and twice barreled in new oak barrels.

The first barreling is a char no. 2, and the second barreling is a char no. 4, which is what gives the whisky more depth of flavor and a darker color, the company says.

“We are very excited to bring this award-winning whisky to the U.S. Lot 40 Dark Oak sets a new standard for Canadian rye whisky,” says Master Blender Dr. Don Livermore. “100% rye, pot-distilled, double aged in number 2 and number 4 new white oak casks, and 48% ABV: ticks all the boxes when making premium whisky. Absolutely one of my favorite whiskies in the world.”

Lot No. 40 Dark Oak has hit shelves in markets across the U.S., including: New York, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Portland and Dallas/Ft. Worth.

The suggested retail price is $59.99 per 750-ml. bottle.The post Lot No. 40 Dark Oak Whisky first appeared on Beverage Dynamics.
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Author: Kyle Swartz