Hocus vials emulate spirit flavours

Bristol-based producer Hocus has released a new expression that can be mixed with ‘natural’ essences to recreate the flavours of different spirits.

Hocus is bottled at 40% ABV and comes packaged with 20 spirit essences, which can be used to recreate the flavour profile of gin, rum, vodka, Tequila and Bourbon.

Hocus founder Mark Stone said: “Everything we do here at Hocus is inspired by turning convention on its head. We wanted to create a sense of wonder and theatre for serving drinks at home.

“We are excited to launch Hocus in time for Christmas this year, we are spending more time at home and are in need of uplifting experiences. We say that Hocus is served with a touch of alchemy and we hope we can bring a drop of magic into people’s homes this Christmas.”

The base spirit for Hocus is made with neutral blended spirit, which has been filtered in the UK then blended and bottled in Bristol.

Hocus is presented in a 500ml bottle, which is topped with a 25ml wooden jigger along with a sleeve of 20 spirit essences.

Priced at £59 (US$80), the set includes four gins, two pink gins, four dark rums, two white rums, four vodkas, two Tequilas and two Bourbon essences.

Hocus is distributed by 1 Spirit in the UK and is available to purchase online through the brand’s website.

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