Desi Daru expands London bar presence

Vodka brand Desi Daru will now be stocked at four further London on-trade outlets.

The British-Indian brand will now be served at Opium Cocktail Bar, The Zetter and at both the Long Bar and the Purple Bar at the Sanderson hotel.

The brand is known for fusing ingredients from the two countries together in its vodka – with ingredients sourced from Maharashtra, India, and the English countryside.

Desi Daru is already served at other London bars including Benares, Pahli Hill Bandra Bhai and the Coburg Bar at the Connaught hotel.

The Zetter has created two signature cocktails featuring the vodka. The ‘aMAZEing’ cocktail is a twist on a spicy Margarita using the brand’s Alphonso Mango vodka, while the Espresso Martini HB blends the traditional coffee cocktail with a Ramos Fizz.

Greg Soriente, bar manager at The Zetter, said: “The first time I noticed Desi Daru was in a neighbourhood cocktail bar, and I was intrigued by why an Indian vodka was there instead of a more recognised brand.

“I’m not usually a vodka drinker, but I decided to make an exception, and I wasn’t disappointed. After meeting the brand owners, I was very impressed with the quality of both vodkas, especially the stunning Alphonso Mango vodka, which is very unique.”

Mohit Singh, co-founder of Desi Daru, said: “Having Desi Daru in some of the most prestigious locations in London is a testament to the hard effort that my wife, Aneet, and I have put into creating a world-class vodka.

“Winning five Master medals at The Vodka Masters helps us further position ourselves at the top bars – not just in London but in the world.”

The brand’s flagship Original vodka is distilled seven times using English winter wheat and the purest mineral water.

It is said to offer the creamy tones of English wheat and the smooth texture of the natural mineral water.

The Alphonso mangoes used in the flavoured bottling are sourced from Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, and are prized for their superior sweetness and indulgent quality. They are referred to as ‘the king of Mangos’ in India.

Desi Daru Vodka is distilled by the Wood Brothers Distillery in partnership with the brand’s co-founders, Mohit and Aneet Singh.

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Author: Lauren Bowes