Copper & Kings Releases First-ever Bourbon

Copper & Kings, a Louisville-based distillery known for their American brandy, has announced something never-before-tasted from the brand: bourbon.

For now, Copper & Kings Bourbon is available exclusively at Copper & Kings Distillery through a bottle-your-own tour, the Barrel-to-Bottle experience.

Tour guests can taste the flavor profiles of different barrels and finishes. Following the tasting, guests can then fill their own selection straight from the barrel, at cask strength. Each bottle is hand-signed and dated by Head Distiller Brandon O’Daniel. The Barrel-to-Bottle experience is a $35 tour, plus the $65 for the hand filled bottle selection.

The initial Copper & Kings bourbon features sourced bourbon, aged between five and six years, and finished for 13 months in Copper & Kings American Brandy barrels. In total, this first release includes 14 single barrels, finished in either apple or grape brandy barrels. The resulting liquid is an opportunity to explore the way that bourbon’s characteristic notes of vanilla, spice and tannin develop with traditional brandy notes to create a taste experience.

Guests of the Bottle-Your-Own-Bourbon experience will have the option to choose which single barrel finish they prefer: grape or apple. 

Bourbon aged in apple barrels starts with green apples and summer orchard on the nose with slight notes of cinnamon and winter spice, the company reports. On the palate, candied green apples and classic bourbon caramels with slight earthy tones give way to baking spice, toffee and baked apple.

Bourbon aged in grape brandy barrels opens with dried red fruits, caramel on the nose, complemented by tobacco barn notes and slight dry earth tones, the company reports. On the palate, classic bourbon notes are followed by sweet grapes and dried apricots, with hints of persimmon and grapefruit, giving way to overripe honeysuckle with cocoa, cherry bark and dark ripe fruit.

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Author: Kyle Swartz