Buffalo Trace hits eight million barrels

Kentucky-based Buffalo Trace Distillery has filled its eight-millionth barrel of Bourbon after its US$1.2 billion expansion.

It is the eight-millionth cask filled since the prohibition era in the US, and comes four years after the distillery filled its seven-millionth barrel in 2018.

The producer attributes the result to its expansion efforts over the last several years, including adding a second still house to its site, which the producer said will double its whiskey production.

“Over the past few years, we’ve doubled our fermenters, added more grain cookers and more barrel warehouses, all in an effort to make more Bourbon,” said Harlen Wheatley, master distiller.

“We’ve filled a record number of barrels every year, as evidenced by how fast we moved from the seven-millionth barrel to the eight-millionth barrel. Now that we have our new still house starting up, we’ll be able to double the output of our whiskey production, so we’re going to be reaching nine million barrels before you know it.”

Buffalo Trace’s seven-millionth barrel of Bourbon, filled in April 2018, has been removed from Warehouse V and put away to continue ageing in one of Buffalo Trace’s warehouses.

In a few more years, it will be bottled and offered to various non-profit organisations for fundraising efforts, the brand said.

Mark Brown, president and chief executive officer, Buffalo Trace Distillery, said: “Reflecting back on the history of this distillery, the progress we’ve made over the past few decades is astounding, but even more impressive is the dedication and longevity of so many of our team members.

“We have many second and third generation team members here, and several members of our workforce who have been here 20, 30, some even closing in on 40 years with us.

“It’s this commitment to their craft that not only sets us apart but positions us perfectly for future growth as we continue our focus on producing more award-winning Bourbon for future generations to enjoy.”

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Author: Alice Brooker