Black 1752

Global spirits company Amber Beverage Group has brought Black 1752 into the U.S.

Black 1752 is a blend of herbal infusions, dark Caribbean rum, orange and vanilla notes, laced with a mix of spices, the company says.

This drink launched in Europe last fall.

The product derives from the herbal bitters brand Riga Black Balsam, an original drink which is made in Riga, Latvia, part of the European Union. The name was created from two of the attributes of this product: “Black” representing the style of the liquid, which is dark in color, and the date “1752,” which is the year when the original Riga Black Balsam brand launched.

This is a contemporary recipe, 70 proof, using a grain spirit, made to appeal to those who enjoy spiced rums, the company says. It’s made in Riga, Latvia, at Amber Latvijas balzams, a traditional craft distillery wholly owned by Amber Beverage Group and which has been in operation since 1900.

Black 1752 is distributed in the U.S. by Espiritus Group and would-be stockists should contact the sales team at [email protected]. Initially it is available in seven states: California, Washington, Louisiana, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York and Georgia. It is viewed as both an on-premise and off-premise item.

“We think that American consumers who are looking for something elegant and different will embrace this brand,” says Maris Kalnins, Global Portfolio Director for Mixology at Amber Beverage Group. “Packaged in its elegant, embossed bottle with an eye-catching bright orange and black label, this product stands out in terms of both appearance and taste. It is a great quality, smooth spiced spirit that will light up any party as it is easy to serve and enjoy in very simple cocktails, with just a favourite mixer such as cola, or poured neat as a shot or to sip. It is also great for those who appreciate shots.”

“We don’t view this new product as being strongly seasonal, yet we do envisage different serves at different times of the year with long drinks being the favorite for summer and shots being the focus for winter serves,” Kalnins adds. “Whatever the time of year, although the ‘1752’ element of the brand name derives from a historic date, we also think consumers and bartenders will enjoy the play on the time of day as 17:52 presages the cocktail hour, when BLACK 1752 begins an evening of enjoyment and style.”

On the nose: zesty orange meets mellow vanilla, with rum flavors, the company reports. The palate is mellow vanilla and orange, rum sweetness with spicy hints, before a finish that’s bittersweet, with vanilla notes.The post Black 1752 first appeared on Beverage Dynamics.
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Author: Kyle Swartz