Bardstown Bourbon Launches Seventh Versions of Discovery, Fusion Series

Bardstown Bourbon Company has released two new bottlings from their Fusion and Discovery series.

Fusion Series #7 and Discovery Series #7 are now available at the distillery, and distributed in 20 markets across the country.

The Discovery Series is meant to showcase the art of blending with an emphasis on old whiskies sourced from a variety of origins. Discovery Series #7, for the first time, incorporates not only aged bourbons and rye, but also features aged Canadian Whiskey sourced from Ontario. This is the first time the series has reached into international territory.

“The Canadian Whisky blends beautifully with the bourbon and rye, adding a subtle sweetness and rounded finish,” says Dan Callaway, VP, hospitality and product development. “With our Discovery Series, we continue to push boundaries through innovation, passionately pursuing new flavor.” 

Discovery #7 includes three aged straight bourbons blended with rye and Canadian whiskey. Flavors and aromas include baked cherry with a touch of mint, the company reports, plus raspberry genoise, and baked apple and brown sugar.

Discovery Series #7 comes bottled at at 114.5 proof. The suggested retail price is $139.99 per 750-ml. bottle.

The Fusion Series blends older sourced whiskies with more-recently distilled stock produced by the company at its Bardstown, KY distillery. Fusion series releases show a range of mash bills across the selected aged products, and includes corn, rye, wheat and malted barley. 

Fusion #7 is 70% three-year-aged bourbon produced by Bardstown Bourbon Co., and 30% twelve-year-aged sourced whiskey. It includes five mashbills: three from three-year-old Bardstown Bourbon Co. distilled whiskey and two from 12-year-old sourced stock.

The nose contains nectarine with toasted almond and honey, the company reports, followed by cedar and toffee with light tannins on the palate. Fusion #7 is 98.1 proof, with a suggested retail price of $64.99 per 750-ml. bottle.

Bardstown Bourbon Fusion Series #7

The complete blending breakdowns for both products are as follows:

Bardstown Bourbon Discovery #7 

31% 12-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon 75% corn13% rye12% malted barley21% 12-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon78% corn10% rye12% malted barley21% 12-year-old Canadian whiskey from Ontario100% corn15% 7-year-old Indiana straight rye whiskey45% corn51% rye4% malted barley8% 17-year-old Tennessee straight bourbon84% corn8% rye8% malted barley

Bardstown Bourbon Fusion #7

54% 3-year-old Bardstown Bourbon Company bourbon75% corn21% rye4% malted barley10% 3-year-old Bardstown Bourbon company bourbon60% corn40%rye6% 3-year-old Bardstown Bourbon Company bourbon60% corn26% rye10% wheat4% malted barley20% 12-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon78% corn10% rye12% malted barley10% 10-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon75% corn13% rye

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Author: Kyle Swartz