Kreskova creates memorable moments

After expanding its international availability, Kreskova Vodka is showcasing its design, flavour and ability to transform any meeting into a party.

Romanian spirit producer Alexandrion Group has launched its Kreskova Vodka brand in Brazil and created a social media campaign to showcase its ability to make moments memorable.

Earlier this year, Kreskova Vodka launched in the Pão de Açúcar and Extra stores in Brazil. To mark its debut in the country, Alexandrion Group participated in the Rio Carnival, where it hosted an exclusive bar at Marquês de Sapucaí that welcomed celebrities and consumers.

Following its participation in Rio Carnival, the brand launched the #KreskovaNoCarnaval social media campaign, which featured the slogan ‘designed to save the party’. The slogan was also activated in Romania, where the brand hosted its K‐mistry Party by Kreskova Vodka to create fresh and memorable experiences.

Gianluca Pires, Brazil country manager, said: “A bottle of Kreskova on the table is the signal that the party is about to begin.”

Owned by Alexandrion Group, Kreskova Vodka was founded in 1994 and has grown to become one of the most important vodka brands in Romania.

The brand stands out due to its production process, which uses carefully selected grains. The vodka is distilled five times before being filtered through active charcoal five times. The process creates the purity and refined taste that Kreskova Vodka is known for.

Currently, the Kreskova range comprises Kreskova Vodka (40% ABV) and two flavoured vodkas, Lemon and Apple, each bottled at 28% ABV. Each spirit in the portfolio is packaged in a bottle with a contemporary design to reflect its elegant and authentic flavour.

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