Introducing Audécious Vodka: A New Era of Ultra-Premium Organic Vodka

Audecious Vodka

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada – Audécious, born on the alpine is thrilled to announce its official launch in collaboration with Colorado-based Felene Inc. Distillery. Audécious’ Platinum Award-winning organic ultra-premium vodka is a testament to the shared vision and relentless pursuit of excellence of both companies. 

Kevin Yeung co-Founder of Audécious, expressed his excitement about the partnership stating, “We’re truly delighted to announce Felene’s partnership with our Audécious team from Whistler. I’m proud that our teams joined forces to handcraft Audécious’ Platinum Award-winning organic vodka and I’m thrilled to develop more innovative beverages with Felene’s team in the future.”

Audécious celebrates the spirit of the alpine lifestyle, it was founded to salute their lifelong love of après and carving on breathtaking mountains. The partnership aims to leverage the unique strengths of each entity, ensuring products that are as exhilarating and pure as the incredible landscapes we honor in British Columbia and Colorado.

Tim Kelly, Felene Founder and CEO, who is also overseeing production and logistics for the new venture, shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration. “We are very excited about the release of Audécious’ vodka and especially working with the Audécious team,” Kelly remarked. “This meaningful partnership was forged by mutual respect and one singular passion for excellence.”

To further strengthen our partnership, Felene invited Kevin Yeung to join its Board of Advisors. “We are honored that Kevin accepted our invitation to join our Board of Advisors at Felene,” Kelly added, emphasizing the mutual commitment to quality and innovation.

About Audécious: Audécious’ award-winning vodka is meticulously handcrafted with the finest organic and sustainable sugarcane; it is designed to meet the tastes of a discerning global audience of vodka and après enthusiasts. With its eye on international markets and North America, Audécious is set to redefine expectations in the ultra-premium vodka category.

About Felene Inc. Distillery: Based in Denver, Colorado, Felene Inc. Distillery is renowned for its commitment to quality and sustainability. Specializing in organic spirits, Felene brings a wealth of experience and a deep respect for traditional distilling techniques to the partnership with Audécious Vodka.