High Noon Cans Vodka Iced Tea

The latest innovation from High Noon is their Vodka Iced Tea line.

High Noon Vodka Iced Tea comes in four flavors, including Original, Peach, Lemon and Raspberry.

Made with real vodka and real iced tea, these are 90 calories per serving, gluten free and no sugar added.

“Hard Tea was one of consumers’ most frequent RTD category purchased in 2023, which created an opportunity for High Noon to provide a premium alternative in a way only the brand can with real vodka and real iced tea,” says Britt West, EVP and general manager at Gallo. “With this launch, we’ve taken a beloved classic and elevated it to new heights, delivering a beverage that embodies the spirit of summer in every sip.”

The suggested price is $19.99 per 8-pack of 355-mml. cans.

Consumers can find Vodka Iced Tea, available nationwide, using High Noon’s finder.

This follows the launch of High Noon Snowbird Pack.
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Author: Kyle Swartz