Grey Goose debuts ultra-premium vodka

Bacardi-owned Grey Goose vodka has launched a new expression, Altius, which is filtered at subfreezing temperatures.

The vodka is inspired by the French Alps and the high-altitude crystallisation that happens at glacial conditions. The process allegedly yields an extra smooth vodka, made from Alpine spring water and winter wheat from Picardy in northern France.

After being blended, the vodka is filtered at a very low temperature of -24ºC, which results in a ‘glacially smooth’ taste and ‘velvety’ mouthfeel. On the palate, it is ‘complex’ with ‘delicate alpine minerality, refreshing soft green apple notes and a unique earthy undertone’.

Grey Goose Altius is hand-bottled at 40% ABV and individually numbered.

“As the quintessential French vodka, it was an obvious choice for us to draw inspiration for our next great innovation from one of the most admired earthly wonders in the country,” said master distiller François Thibault.

“For Grey Goose Altius, we worked to develop a liquid with processes reminiscent of the rare phenomena that naturally occur at high-altitude temperatures in the Alps, to bottle the glacial smoothness that the mountains are admired for.”

The expression will first launch in ‘premier European destinations’, including Ibiza, Mykonos and Saint-Tropez, followed by debuts in select US cities in July and in Dubai in autumn. The RRP is yet to be announced.

It will also be available at select on-trade venues in 700ml and 1.75-litre bottles, with pricing at the discretion of the venue.

“We’re thrilled to officially introduce Grey Goose Altius,” said the brand’s vice-president of global marketing, Martin de Dreuille.

“With consumers continuing to choose more premium drinks, we knew there was an opportunity to create a unique vodka that could deliver a new luxury experience inspired by the French Alps, from its bottle design to its liquid and its drink ritual.

“Whether toasting to personal milestones, professional victories or just the opportunity to get together with your friends, Grey Goose Altius is designed to bring celebratory occasions to a whole new level.”

Grey Goose was one of the top 10 biggest-selling vodka brands of 2022.

Last year the brand released a bottled Martini to address the challenge of making the serve at home.

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