Geothermal-powered rum distiller launches Cask Club

The Cornish Geothermal Distillery Company (CGDC) is offering consumers the chance to purchase their own casks of the ‘world’s first’ geothermally-matured rum as part of a new members’ club.

Earlier this month, entrepreneur Matthew Clifford revealed plans to build a new £10 million (US$13m) carbon-neutral distillery, rum cask maturation facility and visitor centre in Cornwall. The site will be powered by geothermal energy.

The ‘ultra-high-tech’ Eden Project-style biome will include Clifford’s patent-pending carbon-neutral rum cask maturation pods. It has the ability to hold up to 3,600 casks of rum for around five to 10 years as the spirit matures.

The biome can accurately recreate the temperature and humidity profiles found around the world, including tropical, desert or the colder northern hemisphere.

Clifford, founder of CGDC, alongside global rum ambassador Ian Burrell and Ryan Chetiyawardana’s creative agency Mr Lyan Studio, have collaborated on the launch of The Cask Club.

The Cask Club will offer rum lovers the opportunity to become a part of the new project, which seeks to change ‘the future of spirit maturation using world-first eco technology’.

The founders’ club is offering 3,200 limited edition rum casks in four blends created by Burrell, Mr Lyan Studio and rum bottler E&A Scheer. The four styles comprise of Light, Medium, Rich and The Cask Club Blend.

Light is a blend that contains 25% pot still rums, with ‘grassier, citrussy notes akin to a mixing rum’. Medium is made up of 50% pot still rums and carries more of the weight of maturation with notes of ripe citrus, white flower and golden honey.

Meanwhile, Rich is a blend of 100% pot still rums, with more weighting on ‘funkier, heavier distillates that will evolve into leather, toasted pecan and date notes through ageing’.

Finally, The Cask Club Blend is also a blend of 100% pot still rums made up of a higher proportion from Jamaica. It is said to have a ‘richer’ style with tropical fruit and floral notes, and is designed for complex ageing.

“These ethically produced, Bonsucro-accredited rums distilled around the world and blended in bespoke batches will be extraordinary and groundbreaking,” said Burrell. “Without question, with the formulation and eco-tech maturation, this cask collection will make history.”

Each cask is priced from £5,500 (US$7,300) and is due to be filled in summer 2022.

Members who sign up to the club will receive a number of benefits, including two sample bottles every year, forecasts on the maturation trajectory of the purchased cask, a personalised sampling library and a complimentary tour for four guests annually.

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Author: Nicola Carruthers

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