Five Farms Irish Cream launches in UK

US-based McCormick Distilling has released Five Farms Irish Cream liqueur in the UK through importer Indie Brands.

Already available across the US and Ireland, Five Farms Irish Cream is made using single batches of fresh cream that are combined with Irish whiskey within 48 hours. The liqueur is entirely sourced and produced in County Cork, Ireland.

Patrick Fee, vice president of marketing at McCormick Distilling, said: “The launch of Five Farms in the UK provides a brand new ‘top shelf’ option for the on-trade.

“Previously, lovers of Irish cream had very limited options – none of which were premium. But Five Farms provides the luxuriousness that customers want when they are out and are willing to pay more for.”

Five Farms is available in the UK through Harrods, Oddbins, Master of Malt and Amazon, priced at RRP £30 (US$39) per 700ml bottle.

The brand is named in honour of the five family-owned farms in the region that provide the product’s dairy cream.

The liqueur is made with premium triple-distilled Irish whiskey and claims to contain 10 times more Irish whiskey than most brands in the category, resulting in an “intensity of whiskey flavour that sets it apart”.

Five Farms is presented in a wide-mouthed glass bottle with embossed details, a ceramic swing-top cap, and a metal handle for carrying as a nod to the traditional Irish dairy containers of the past.

Johnny Harte, co-founder of Five Farms, said: “I wanted to make a high quality, premium liqueur, but I wanted to go back to the land, back to where cream liqueurs were created in Ireland a long time ago.

“I also wanted to go back to the origins of Irish cream and use the most Irish whiskey in the drink as that no longer happens elsewhere. The result is a truly robust Irish cream that people will taste the difference in when they try it.

“It celebrates the culture of farming in Ireland, the dedication of the farmers and that’s why we called it Five Farms.”

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