Felene Sugarcane vodka bottle design:

Produces a softer neutral spirit compared to grain-based alternatives. Sugarcane vodka does not require the use of enzymes to convert starches into fermentable sugars, which often product bitter by-products. Sugarcane provides available, fermentable sugars naturally . The result is evident in the nose and on the tongue with a noticeable absence of acetone smell and less alcohol “heat” on the palate.

The felene vodka bottle design was created by Tim Kelly, who was seeking a minimalist-retro feel that harkened back to prohibition-era and that also reflected the simplicity of the ingredients. The simple black and white design speaks to adherence to the basics of our approach to distilling. Organic sugarcane vodka is the purest and most sustainable approach to creating a neutral spirit.

Physical attributes of Felene Sugarcane vodka and packaging design:

  • Bottle: Arizona design/bar cork top
  • Color: Flint
  • Label: White matte BOPP


sugar cane vodka