“The Usual” – Lemon Cocktail

The Usual Lemon Cocktail

The Usual

Lemon Cocktail

The Usual Lemon Cocktail is a refreshing, low calorie drink. Nothing says summertime like lemons and seltzer. The Usual Lemon Cocktail is one of the simplest, most refreshing and most pleasant cocktails ever invented. The Usual Lemon Cocktail is made with felene vodka which has zero carbohydrates, sparkling water and fresh lemon juice. This is a delicious libation that can be enjoyed throughout the day in about any setting.

Choose a Meyer lemon if you wish to keep it mildly tart and at a lower acidity. For a more pungent and tart sensation, look for the “Eureke” lemon which is more common on your supermarket produce counters. For more information about how citrus affects your cocktail, see our article in the Mix’n section of FeleneVodka.com.

Don’t forget to use your favorite seltzer or sparkling water. Seltzer tends to have larger bubbles with a more pronounced “bite”. San Pellegrino offers a wide variety of sparkling water with, or without essence, but tends to have a softer carbonation profile.


Rocks or highball glass


2 oz. of felene vodka

3 oz of flat or sparkling water

Ice cubes

3 lemon wedges


fill a metal shaker tin halfway with ice cubes and Organic felənē® vodka American hand crafted vodka, squeeze the juice of the three lemon wedges, drop spent lemon wedges into the shaker tin, add seltzer and gently transfer content of shaker tin into your glass of choice. Remember, when mixing cocktails using seltzer or sparkling water, add it as the last ingredient and never shake a seltzer drink or you will loose that precious effervescence.

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