Summer Cocktails – felənē® coconut vodka ‘Tropical’ Cocktail

summer cocktail

Drink Recipes: Summer Cocktails

It’s never too soon to start tuning-up your summer cocktail game! In just a few weeks we’ll be through March Madness and before you know it they’ll be throwing out the first pitch on opening day.

Like pitching for the New York Yankees, you can’t just show up and throw the same pitch and expect K’s…it takes practice and the right mix of ingredients to deliver the winning stuff. Start with the best and you’ll end with the best. Warm up with a few in the springtime before you greet your summer crowds.

Get your summer cocktail game in shape by mixing a felənē™ coconut vodka with Orangina and a splash of Pellegrino Sparkling Water. Our hand-crafted American felənē coconut vodka has a deep, bold coconut flavor that’s not too sweet and adds a hint of tropical citrus for an unmatched summer libation. Add a slice of orange and lime for the full expression and you will have your fans cheering.

felənē® coconut vodka is infused with natural coconut extract with other natural citrus flavors (you didn’t think we were gonna give-away the recipe did you?), mixed to the height of olfactory and taste perfection. Never too sweet at 80 proof (40% alcohol by volume) for a taste that delivers through the heat of the day and can last deep into the night.

The ‘Tropical’ cocktail is a sublime taste experience that is unmatched anywhere. The ultimate summer libation is the felənē® coconut vodka Tropical.


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