Shaggy’s Misdemeanor Pomegranate Cocktail

shaggys misdemeanor

Shaggy’s Misdemeanor (Pomegranate Cocktail)

The ‘Shaggy’s Misdemeanor’ Pomegranate Cocktail is a simple but pleasing libation that screams summertime. The incomparable flavor complexity of pomegranate juice and Organic felənē® vodka are the perfect pairing with a splash of plain or flavored seltzer.

‘Shaggy’s Misdemeanor’ is a clean, simple drink with just three ingredients. It’s not too sweet, but has an incredible flavor profile. The smoothness of felənē® vodka allows you to mix cocktails with lighter, fresher mixers because it does not overwhelm your drink with harsh alcohol heat.

Simple, organic yet with a complex flavor profile, pomegranate is one of the felənē® team favorites. Garnish with a lime to add a touch of citrus essence and round-out the ideal summer cocktail.


Rocks or martini glass


2 oz felənē® American Handcrafted vodka

2 oz Pomegranate juice

2 oz seltzer

1 lime wedge lightly squeezed on top and used as garnish

ice cubes


Fill metal shaker tin half-way with ice cubes, felənē® American Handcrafted vodka, and pomegranate. Cover shaker tin and shake gently. Add seltzer to shaker tin and stir gently. Pour shaker tin into your glass of choice and gently squeeze a few drops of lime juice onto top of cocktail. Use lime as garnish and serve.


This is a simple drink and will stand alone with a lime wedge to garnish. To dress-up this misdemeanor, add a sprig of rosemary.

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