Mediterranean Orange Colada Cocktail Recipe

Mediterranean orange colada cocktail
felene flavors coconut lime flavored vodka

Felene Coconut Lime flavored vodka

Mediterranean Orange Colada Cocktail

The Felene Mediterranean Orange Colada cocktail recipe is inspired by intersection of two unique products. First, the sublime combination of Felene® Coconut and Lime flavored vodka. Felene® Coconut lime flavored vodka is an organic sugar cane vodka infused with only natural flavors and no additives. It contains no sugars or sweeteners and no citric acid.

The second ingredient is Orangina, an iconic sparkling citrus drink, created in 1936 in French Algeria. The history of Orangina is as colorful as the beverage itself and delivers a sweet, slightly bitter citrus crush of flavor. Orangina contains a mix of citrus fruits, a generous amount of sweetness, contains orange zest (giving it a subtle essence of orange bitters), and a perfect measure of effervescence. It contains 12% real juice and 2% real orange pulp and natural orange zest.

The Felene® Mediterranean Orange Colada Cocktail is a European twist on the Piña colada. This is a simple, one-mix cocktail recipe that will have your taste buds screaming for more. Compared to a Piña colada, the Mediterranean Orange Colada Cocktail has half the calories and half the sugar.


Highball or Poco Grande glass (traditional Piña colada-style drinkware)


2 oz. of Felene® Flavors Coconut lime flavored vodka

4 oz. Orangina

(optional) For a less sweet cocktail substitute one ounce of plain sparking water for one ounce of Orangina

Ice Cubes to fill glass

Lime or Orange Slice to garnish

One stemmed maraschino cherry for garnish


Fill your glass with ice cubes, add Felene® Flavors Coconut lime flavored vodka to ice-filled glass. Gently shake your bottle of Orangina to mix pulp and zest with slow rocking motion (it’s carbonated so shake very gently). Pour Orangina into glass. Gently roll the contents into second glass or shaker tin then back to your glass and garnish with fruit.

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