Cork toppers can reduce carbon footprint of spirits

Production of Amorim Top Series’ cork stoppers can remove as much as 148g of carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere, a new series of studies has found.

A series of recent studies conducted independently by EY on behalf of closures company Amorim provided data on the levels of carbon dioxide removal of different Amorim Top Series stoppers.

As producers investigate solutions to reduce the environmental impacts associated with production, Amorim said that using its cork stoppers could help reduce the carbon footprints of distilleries.

The cork manufacturer also said it is “well ahead of its competitors in terms of the depth, breadth and credibility of scientific research into the environmental and CO2 performance of its products”.

According to the company, cork has “excellent sustainability credentials” as cork forests aid biodiversity and cork is harvested without damaging the tree. Cork is also 100% sustainable, recyclable and renewable.

Amorim’s natural cork stopper with a wooden capsule can remove up to 96g of CO2, while the neutrotop stopper with a wooden capsule can remove as much as 148g of CO2.

The company’s natural cork stopper with a plastic capsule removes up to 87g of CO2 and the neutrotop stopper with plastic capsule takes 138g of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

As a result, spirits producers can mitigate the carbon emissions from other areas of production by using the carbon-negative closures.

Hugo Mesquita, sales and marketing director at Amorim Top Series, said: “Consumers are more aware than ever of the urgent need to decarbonise the products we consume.

“The world’s main spirits players, as well as craft producers, are making a tremendous commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. We are delighted that these independent studies have demonstrated that our products can make big contribution to this goal. We are living in a key moment where every little step in the fight against global warming matters”.

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