Coffee Tequila launches to ‘fill Patrón XO Café gap’

Manchester-based wholesaler LWC Drinks is bringing Black Gold XO Café to the UK following the discontinuation of Patrón’s coffee variant.

Bacardi announced it was discontinuing the expression in 2021, however it made a limited comeback in the US earlier this month.

Those in the UK can now turn to Tequila-based Black Gold XO Café, which claims to offer ‘a similar flavour profile, the same luxury experience, and all at the same price point’ as Patrón’s version.

The 34% ABV expression won Gold at The Tequila & Mezcal Masters 2024.

Nic Ponticakis, spirits category manager at LWC Drinks, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be reacquainting coffee Tequila fans with their favourite liqueur.

“You just have to look online to see that consumers are continuing to crave this flavour combination but are yet to have their needs fully met. With social media posts and petitions demanding ‘Bring back Café Patrón’, we know that there remains a gap in the UK coffee Tequila market that needs filling and, with Black Gold XO Café, we are confident that we have done it.

“We also have confidence in where the market is heading, with CGA data showing that coffee-flavoured spirits sales totalled £20.9 million [US$26.2m] in the fourth quarter of 2022 – that’s 54% higher than in the same quarter in 2019. And we see this trajectory continuing.

“With the continuing popularity of coffee-based cocktails, like the Espresso Martini, it was important that we created a coffee Tequila that would be incredibly delicious both on its own or as part of a cocktail creation.

“With its elegant packaging and luxuriously smooth taste profile, Black Gold XO Café is the perfect choice for both these scenarios. We can’t wait to see consumers around the UK elevating their moments of joy with Black Gold XO Café.”

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