Frozen Vodka Cocktail Recipe: Raspberry Lemonade Vodka Cocktail “Porch Swing”

raspberry lemonade frozen vodka cocktail

Oh, friends, I’ve got a treat for you today! If you’re yearning for the cool breeze of the Southern United States on a scorching summer day, this raspberry lemonade vodka cocktail is bound to take you there.

Introducing the Felene Raspberry Lemonade Slush, a magical blend of organic, sugar-free, nonGMO vodka, and all-natural ingredients, guaranteed to set your taste buds dancing. The star of this frozen vodka cocktail is a beautifully crafted 80-proof raspberry lemonade flavored vodka, which adds a twist of excitement to the classic Southern charm.

This cool summer libation has been an instant hit with Instagram Influencers.

Felene Raspberry Lemonade “Porch Swing” Slush: A Sip of Southern Summer

A Taste of the South:

There’s something uniquely Southern about raspberry lemonade. It’s a flavor that conjures images of porch swings, lazy afternoons, and the gentle rustle of magnolia leaves. The Felene Raspberry Lemonade Slush builds on that tradition, adding a sophisticated and playful twist with the organic vodka’s complex notes.

This cocktail is not just a drink; it’s an experience. It’s the refreshing breeze on a hot day, the laughter of friends gathered around a backyard BBQ, and the sweet melodies of a jazz saxophone drifting through the air.

The Felene Raspberry Lemonade Vodka, with its delightful fusion of organic and natural flavors, is the soul of this cocktail. Each sip is a reminder that life’s pleasures can be simple yet profound.

So, if you’re in the mood for a cool summer adventure right at home, give this delightful Southern-inspired cocktail a try. The Felene Raspberry Lemonade Slush is a celebration of the best things in life: good times, good friends, and, of course, good drinks. Cheers! 🍋🍹

"Raspberry Lemonade Porch Swing" Frozen Slushy Cocktail

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Conjuring images of relaxing on a porch in the South, sipping on something sweet and cool.


  • 2 oz 2 Felene Raspberry-Lemonade Flavored Vodka

  • 2 oz 2 Fresh Lemonade

  • 1 oz 1 raspberry puree

  • 3 cups 3 cubed ice


  • Combine all ingredient in a blender and blend to achieve a frozen, puree-type consistency
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