Bimber Distillery releases Shoulder of Giants range

The ongoing series from Bimber Distillery debuts with six single cask whiskies exclusive to Poland and the UK.

England’s Bimber Distillery has announced a new line of single malts, dubbed Shoulder of Giants, that pays tribute to the world’s greatest thinkers, innovators and visionaries. The first batch of whiskies in the collection are single casks, three of which are exclusive to Poland, with the other three only available in the UK.

The whiskies coming to the UK are as follows. Dickens – The Novelist was aged in first-fill American oak ex-Bourbon barrels and is bottled at 58.3% ABV. Limited to 259 bottles, the expression offers notes of tropical fruits and integrated wood spice.

Newton – The Mathematician is lightly peated and bottled at 58.3% ABV. It has notes of pineapple, papaya, and smoke, with 271 bottles available.

With only 271 bottles on offer, Shakespeare – The Playwright was finished in a beer cask. It is bottled at 57.7% ABV, and has notes of tropical fruit, smooth caramel, and nutty umami. 

The whiskies coming to Poland are as follows. Copernicus – The Polymath was finished in a Pedro Ximénez Sherry cask and bottled at 56.8% ABV. It has fruit-forward notes, with 300 bottles available.

Chopin – The Composer was finished in a fino Sherry cask and bottled at 52% ABV. It is fruity, nutty, and salty, with 328 bottles available.

Curie – The Scientist was finished in an oloroso Sherry cask and is bottled at 57% ABV. It has notes of fruitcake and chopped nuts, with 300 bottles available. 

The three UK whiskies will launch on 26 April via Bimber’s website with the Poland releases to follow, all priced at £94 (US$118). Each release will feature artwork and biographical details that celebrate the accomplishments of the historical figures. The whiskies were produced using single farm barley, fermented for seven days, and distilled in Bimber’s direct-fire pot stills. 

“Our whisky-making methodology is to take the learning of the past and to adapt it to make the whisky of the future. As such, it is entirely fitting for Bimber to be looking to historical figures who have shaped our societies and consciousnesses,” Bimber’s director of whisky creation, Matt McKay, said.

“The Shoulders of Giants releases not only pay homage and celebrate the achievements of national heroes – they also demonstrate the growing maturity and complexity of our single malt whiskies, which are proving to be increasingly versatile in a wide range of cask types and styles,” he added.

“Going forward we have many more giants to explore, and we’re looking forward to telling their stories.” 

The Shoulder of Giants series is the first release from Bimber since news broke in February that co-founder Dariusz Plazewski had been arrested for conspiracy to murder. Plazewski founded Bimber in 2015 and relinquished his responsibilities following the arrest. Plazewski was known as Lucasz Ratajewski in his native Poland.

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