Barrell Bourbon Batch 027

For its final bottling of 2020, Barrell Craft Spirits has released Barrell Bourbon Batch 027.

This expression a blend of straight bourbon whiskies distilled and aged in TN, KY and IN.

The new bottling features a selection of barrels aged 5, 6, 8, 9, 13 and 15 years, taken through several blending steps, which delivers a “cherry bomb” among many other flavors, the company says.

Further company-provided tasting notes are as follows:

Nose Supporting notes that span sweet desserts, woodsy herbs, and rich oils, but their presence is an afterthought to the singular and intense focus of this whisky’s nose, and that focus is squarely on old, comforting cherry. Deeper bass notes of sweet potato pie, walnut shells, and freshly ground coffee flesh out the aromatic register. The influence of rye is subtle here, potpourri, earl grey tea, and bouquet garni whisper at the periphery.Palate: The candied texture that falls short of syrupy and a just gentle tannin suggest minimal oak extraction but significant concentration over long years spent slowly evaporating in a rickhouse. Like the nose, a bright, juicy acidity puts the focus squarely on a note of cherry. A bit more floral than the nose, candied violet and lavender are just able to peek through, along with a steely minerality.Finish: A gentle, yet complex finish that makes one imagine a flavor wheel in thin air. This mysterious yet fruity bourbon leaves the palate with blood orange, rosehip, hibiscus, and sumac.Barrell Bourbon Batch 027 was bottled in Kentucky at cask strength: 115.7 proof.

The suggested retail price is $90 per 750-ml. bottle.

This follows the recent releases of Barrell Bourbon New Year 2021, Barrell Bourbon Batch 026 and the latest bourbon release from the premium Barrell Craft Spirits Line.The post Barrell Bourbon Batch 027 first appeared on Beverage Dynamics.
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Author: Kyle Swartz

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