Balcones Distilling Expands Single Barrel Program

As single barrel private select programs rise in popularity, Balcones Distilling has expanded their own. For the first time, this Texas-based distillery will offer single barrels of Texas High Plains Single Malt, Rumble Cask Reserve and Texas Rum. 

Balcones is known as an innovative craft distillery that has helped establish the American single malt category.

The three new additions join single-barrel options already in the Balcones program: Texas “1” Single Malt, Texas Rye and True Blue Corn Whisky. 

Through the Single Barrel Private Selection Program, retailers, whisky clubs, businesses and individuals can to hand-pick their own branded single cask of Balcones. Bottled at cask strength, each single barrel has a singular taste from its mash bill, barrel, age and location within the distillery or rickhouses.

“Our fans are always looking for interesting and unexpected flavor experiences, and our single barrel program provides the opportunity for them to select truly one-of-a-kind spirits,” says Jared Himstedt, head distiller at Balcones Distilling. “By definition, there will never be another taste exactly like the casks that are selected.” 

In an effort to ensure customers can safely select their barrels remotely, Balcones sends barrel selection kits with 100-milliliter samples of available single barrel expressions to customers via mail. Once received, the team at Balcones walks customers through the barrel selection process live via video conference. 

“We’re providing the ability to have one-of-a-kind Single Barrel selection experience while safely social distancing,“ says Alex Elrod, national single barrel and brand education manager. “Now more than ever, customers want unique experiences to appreciate the good things going on around them. We want to continue to deliver the very best spirits that help people get through this time.” 

Those interested in exploring the Balcones Single Barrel program can contact Elrod at [email protected]. Lead times vary by market. The post Balcones Distilling Expands Single Barrel Program first appeared on Beverage Dynamics.
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Author: Kyle Swartz

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