Appleton Estate: from the heart of Jamaica

Appleton Estate celebrates pot still rum with the Hearts Collection, comprising three vintage rums.

Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum has launched the Hearts Collection, a series of rare, limited edition rums created in partnership between master blender Joy Spence and renowned rum expert Luca Gargano.

The Hearts Collection comprises the 1994, 1995 and 1999 vintage rums, which were each distilled in a Forsyths pot still and aged for 26, 25, and 21 years respectively. Dark spirits enthusiasts will find that the Hearts Collection is well worth the wait, due to the influence of Appleton Estate’s tropical ageing, which means that being aged for one year in tropical conditions is equivalent to being aged for nearly three in a temperate climate. The process develops the flavour of the rums at a quicker pace.

Each vintage in the Hearts Collection was selected from three barrels out of nearly 200,000 American oak casks ageing in Appleton Estate’s warehouses in Jamaica, which is one of the oldest and most extensive rum collections in the world.

As Appleton Estate’s master blender for more than two decades, Spence has crafted some of the world’s finest rum blends, but the Hearts Collection provided her with an opportunity to do something that Appleton Estate had never done before – create its first single marque pot still rums.

“I’m a pot still girl,” says Spence. “It’s just so complex and intriguing. The funkiness gives us such an amazing base to work with, it’s the heart and soul of our blends.”

Gargano adds: “For me, the Hearts Collection is really to show the many colours, the biodiversity, of Appleton Estate, in the sense that the estate has so many different marques, so many different vintages. The big value of Appleton Estate, in parallel with Joy’s exquisite blending techniques, is its production, heritage and stock, which makes it the best distillery in world.”

The Hearts Collection is not only named for the heart of Jamaica, where it is created, but also the passion for rum shared by Spence and Gargano. Its name also references the pot still, which uses the heart of raw materials to create the golden liquid.

The Appleton Estate Hearts Collection is available in select premium spirits outlets in global markets starting in November 2020.

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